Finally…A Real Choice at the Polls!

25 03 2012

Hello. My name is Jim Hanson, and I’m asking you give me the honor of representing House District 84 in the Indiana General Assembly.

This year’s election is a special moment for the people of District 84. For a very long time, this district has been solidly attached to one political party. But as the presidential primary season has dragged on, it is clear that the old party is not quite as good a fit as everyone has assumed for many years. On top of that, the current elected official for this district brought dishonor andĀ embarrassment to the district on a national scale with his rant against the Girl Scouts of America. This year’s election is an opportunity for the voters in District 84 to seriously consider what they believe and how it matches up with the candidates that wish to represent them.

On this site, I will be sharing my thoughts on issues of concern to voters in District 84. Visit the On the Issues page and follow the links to the various issues categories to learn more about what I believe as a Libertarian and fellow resident of the District. Visit the Links page and travel to sites that will educate you and open your eyes to issues and arguments you haven’t heard before because of the competing screams of the Main-Stream-Media and the talk radio hosts. Feel free to share your comments to any posts.

As the summer gives way to fall and another November election, I hope we can get to know each other better. I think you’ll find that my background and values, as well as the philosophy of government of the Libertarian Party, fit the way you really think and act better than any of your other options.

I’ll be seeing you around. Let’s talk!

– Jim Hanson

James A. Hanson

James A. Hanson