About Jim

Jim Hanson is a husband and father of five children that resides in Fort Wayne IN.

Jim has a diverse background. He took a break from his studies at Bible college to server four years active duty in the U.S. Army as a Korean linguist. After returning and completing his degree in preaching ministry, Jim realized that his calling was in a vocation other than ministry. While attending law school at the University of Missouri, Jim served as research assistant to a legal scholar who specializes in First Amendment, Religious Freedom, and Church-State Relations law. After receiving his law degree, Jim was involved in estate and business planning and a general law practice before serving as a corporate attorney for an Indiana-based insurance carrier.

Jim has experienced both good times and bad. He understands the stress and pressure of struggling to make ends meet, as well as frustrations of petty politics in a corporate context. Jim has seen first hand how even the best intentions in legislation can have dreadful consequences in the lives of real people. He has been involved in cases where elected officials were more dedicated to the letter of the law than the spirit of the law.

Jim would be the first to admit that he is far from perfect. But, he believes that the citizens of Indiana’s 84th District deserve a leader that learns from his mistakes, listens to the counsel of others, and makes the priorities and well-being of the district his first priority. As a Libertarian candidate, Jim believes in Limited Government, Maximum Liberty, and Responsible Leadership.

Jim and his wife and children worship with Christ’s Hope Ministries and Church in Fort Wayne. Jim has a son involved in Boy Scout Troup 419 and another involved in Cub Scout Pack 3419. Jim and his wife homeschool their children, and are involved in various homeschool cooperative activities.


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